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The Power of Heat and Cold

Heat and cold are both powerful tools in combating muscle stress, strain and soreness. By improving circulation and blood flow, heat packs have long been used to boost flexibility, relax muscles and, even, begin healing damaged tissue.

On the other end of the spectrum, applying cold is a go-to method for reducing blood and, with it, lessening inflammation and swelling while temporarily reducing nerve activity -- all common causes of joint and tendon pain.  

At HTG Life we bring the pieces together, with a variety of products that deliver fast, effective heat and cold therapy when you need it. Since our launch, we’ve been committed to providing simple, affordable solutions that boost your health and well-being -- and that starts on the muscular level.

 Our Hot to Go and Heat + Cold therapy packs are designed to deliver quick, reliable pain relief whenever and wherever you need it. With both reusable and disposable packs, the relief you need is never more than minutes away. And with new systems and solutions rolling out this fall including massages, TENS units, heating pads and more, we’ll be further our mission to help our customers feel and be their very best.

Our team is dedicated to developing and producing high quality products that meet and exceed our consumers’ wellness needs. Browse our products or get in touch to learn more about HTG Life or to place a wholesale order.

 (These products are not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment, but may aid in the relief of minor aches and pains. Please consult your healthcare provider before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.)

 For wholesale inquiries please contact sales@hottogoheatpacks.com 




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